News Uncategorized HFI Pyrotechnics Inc. announces USD 8M contract with US Navy
July 13, 2021

HFI Pyrotechnics Inc. announces USD 8M contract with US Navy

Edwardsburg/Cardinal, Ontario – HFI Pyrotechnics announces an $ 8 Million USD award from the US Navy as part of a five-year contract for the MK 25 MOD 4/5 for US Navy and US Air Force. The MK 25 MOD 4/5 is the latest advanced Marker, Location Marine search and rescue product used by the US Navy and other branches of the Department of Defense. Search and Rescue crews use this product by releasing it from a variety of both fixed and rotary wing search and rescue aircraft, upon hitting the water, the marker ignites and burns to provide a bright flame and smoke, assisting rescue crews in tracing the movement of a stranded vessel in the ocean. This award is the first time this product is produced outside of the US Navy-owned manufacturing facilities.

HFI Pyrotechnics’ President and CEO, John Witherspoon, stated, “We are extremely pleased with the confidence and trust the US Navy continues to express in our manufacturing team and the quality and product performance in the field, especially with this product. I would also like to acknowledge the continued hard work that both our engineering and operations teams have performed to bring HFI from a small Candian supplier to the world’s largest manufacturer of search and rescue markers. Lastly, I would like to thank the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) for their assistance in the contractual process, providing the supportive role that allows small and medium enterprises to compete on an equal footing with larger multi-national corporations in the international marketplace.” Countries around the world use HFI Pyrotechnics’ products as a critical tool in their search and rescue efforts.

HFI Pyrotechnics is a market-leading manufacturer supplying pyrotechnic products to over twenty countries around the world. HFI Pyrotechnics has a diverse portfolio of products that predominantly used for obscuring countermeasure (Smoke), signalling (coloured smoke and flame) and training (battlefield simulation). For more information about HFI Pyrotechnics, please go to

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