products Training M116A1 – Simulator Hand Grenade

Dimensions 5.1 cm diameter, 18 cm long
Weight 106 g
Type Pull-wire, friction
Delay 6 – 12 seconds
Shelf Life Three (3) years
Service Life One (1) year

#/Carton 25
Carton Type C-22 Ammunition
Dimensions 28 cm x 34 cm x 22 cm
Carton Volume 0.021sd m3
Gross Weight 10.5 kg
Inner Five (5)units per C11 Carton (heat
sealed in PE bag)
5- C11 Cartons per C12 carton
5 -C12 Cartons per C22 Carton

M116A1 – Simulator Hand Grenade

The Simulator, Hand Grenade is designed for training exercises to acclimatize troops to the sights and sounds of battle in a non-lethal format. This device, once the pull-wire is activated, after 6 – 12 seconds produces a loud report or simulated explosion of a grenade.

Features & Benefits

  • Generates 125 dB (minimum) report measured 23 m from source
  • Operating temperature range -40oC to 52oC
  • Produces definitive visible flash

More Products

SC-809 Thunderflash

The HFI Pyrotechnics proprietary thunderflash is designed for battlefield training exercises. It simulates battle conditions by generating a loud report and a visible flash. Manual striker ignition and delay allows the user to ignite and throw the thunderflash into position before the report and flash.

MK115A2 – Simulated Projectile Ground burst

The Simulated Projectile Ground Burst (SPGB), also known as C1A1 – SPGB or “Arti-Sim” is designed for training exercises to acclimatize troops to the sights and sounds of battle, ground burst shelling. This device produces a three (3) second duration decreasing frequency whistle followed immediately by loud report or simulated explosion.

Search & Rescue
SC-58 Marine Location Marker

HFI Pyrotechnics’ proprietary SC-58 Marine Location Marker is a commercial fit, form and function replacement for the U.S. Government MK 58 MOD 1, NSN 1370-01-074-0591. The SC-58 is designed for use in air and sea operations as a target marker or as a surface wind indicator.


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