products Search & Rescue SC-58 Marine Location Marker

Dimensions 12.7 cm diameter x 55.4 cm long
Weight 5.15 kg
Explosive Weight 2.2 kg
Ignition Within 25 s of contact with water
Burn Time Minimum 40 minutes
Shelf Life Fifteen (15) years
Service Life One (1) year

Classification Signals Distress, Ship
UN Number 0195
Hazard Class 1.3G
Quantity 30 polystyrene containers @ 2
units each = 60 units per pallet
Pallet Dimensions 130 cm x 110.5 cm x 96.2
cm ; 1.38 m3
Estimated Gross Wt 454.5 kg

SC-58 Marine Location Marker

HFI Pyrotechnics’ proprietary SC-58 Marine Location Marker is a commercial fit, form and function replacement for the U.S. Government MK 58 MOD 1, NSN 1370-01-074-0591. The SC-58 is designed for use in air and sea operations as a target marker or as a surface wind indicator.

Features & Benefits

  • All pyrotechnic components produced by HFI Pyrotechnics
  • Optional suspension bands and foam ejector spacers
  • Improved compositional performance and smoke output

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