News Pyrotechnics Catapult
May 30, 2022

Pyrotechnics Catapult

“Now that sounds awesome!”
That’s the typical response a technical services person at HFI gets when sharing details of their job with friends and family. Our technical services team is comprised of Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemists and Lab techs working to deliver safe and high-quality pyrotechnics.
Our team gets to function pyrotechnics daily, design manufacturing processes and equipment, create a validation test plan and test the items we design.
Our most recent success was the deployment of a Simulated Projectile Ground Burst (SPGB) or “Arti-Sim”, which is designed for training exercises to acclimatize warfighters to the sights and sounds of ground burst shelling. The SPGB requires a series of tests: static functioning, drop test, rough usage, and culminating in non-static functional testing.
This last test was performed by launching the SPGB with a catapult that also initiates the pyrotechnic.
When a technical services team member states to friends and family. “Today, I built a catapult to launch pyrotechnics…”; how could one not reply, “Now that sounds awesome!”